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A Photograph of Barbara Strawbridge, owner of Caring Hands Midwife

Barbara Strawbridge


BSc (Hons); RGN; HV; RM; DipHb(KGH)

About Caring Hands Midwife

Hi and welcome to Caring Hands Midwife. My name is Barbara Strawbridge and I live in Coleraine in the beautiful North Coast of Northern Ireland. I have more than 36 years experience working in the health service as a qualified nurse, health visitor and midwife and currently registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

I am currently insured with FHT, FEDANT and Balens and covered by the Royal College of Midwives. I am also a member of Expectancy’s Licensed Consultancy Programme.

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Help with your pregnancy Symptoms

Overdue pregnancy

Seek personalised guidance and support from Caring Hands Midwife for overdue pregnancies, ensuring both comfort and care during this waiting period.

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Hip, Pelvic & Back Pain

Alleviate the strains of hip, pelvic, and back pain during pregnancy with tailored treatments from Caring Hands Midwife, ensuring relief and well-being.

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Poor Sleep

Combat sleepless nights during pregnancy with bespoke solutions from Caring Hands Midwife, promoting restful slumbers and rejuvenation.

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Sickness in pregnancy

Navigate the challenges of sickness during pregnancy with the expert guidance of Caring Hands Midwife, offering bespoke remedies for relief and comfort.

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Heartburn and Indigestion

Ease the discomforts of heartburn and indigestion during pregnancy with the specialised care from Caring Hands Midwife, ensuring gentle relief and balanced well-being.

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Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Manage the distress of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome during pregnancy with the focused care from Caring Hands Midwife, offering bespoke therapies for relief and recovery.

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Treatments for Pregnancy Problems

Aromatherapy & Massage Treatments

Indulge in rejuvenating Aromatherapy & Massage Treatments tailored by Caring Hands Midwife to meet the unique demands of pregnancy.

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Experience the harmonising effects of Acupuncture treatments at Caring Hands Midwife, expertly tailored to your pregnancy journey, from alleviating symptoms to pre-conceptional care and support during vulnerable times.

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Moxibustion for Breech Pregnancy

Discover the ancient art of Moxibustion for Breech Pregnancy at Caring Hands Midwife. Guided sessions aimed at encouraging your baby into the optimal position for birth, with safe techniques applicable from 35 weeks gestation and take-home Moxa Sticks for continued care.

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Clinical Reflexology

Embark on a journey of balance and well-being with Clinical Reflexology at Caring Hands Midwife, offering personalised treatments from relaxation to addressing specific fertility concerns, each crafted to enhance your pregnancy, postnatal period, or fertility journey.

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“Mind Massage” & Clinical Hypnosis

Delve into a realm of inner peace with “Mind Massage” & Clinical Hypnosis at Caring Hands Midwife. From harnessing the power of motivational scripts to alleviate stress and anxiety, to integrating aromatherapy massages for a deeper relaxation, and addressing phobias or fears with clinical hypnosis

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Birth Preparation Packages

Embrace motherhood with the tailored Birth Preparation Packages at Caring Hands Midwife. From holistic treatments for natural birth to relaxation before a caesarean, each tailored package promises comprehensive care, guidance, and relaxation tailored to your unique journey.

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Our facilities

At Caring Hands Midwife, we pride ourselves on offering a serene and welcoming environment tailored to the unique needs of expectant mothers. Our state-of-the-art facilities combine modern medical equipment with tranquil therapy spaces, ensuring every visit is both comforting and productive.

Nestled in the picturesque North Coast of Coleraine, our haven provides a perfect blend of advanced care and holistic ambiance, making every mother’s journey with us truly special.

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