Barbara Strawbridge

Midwife | BSc (Hons); RGN; HV; RM; DipHb(KGH).

Greetings from Caring Hands Midwife. I’m Barbara Strawbridge, residing in the picturesque North Coast of Coleraine, Northern Ireland. With a rich tapestry of over 36 years in the health sector, I’ve donned many hats – from a dedicated nurse and health visitor to a seasoned midwife. I take pride in my current affiliation with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, and I’m devoted to providing the utmost care to all my clients.

Why we are different

Seasoned Expertise and Passion for Holistic Care

With over 36 years of dedicated service in the health sector, Barbara Strawbridge brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Residing in the scenic North Coast of Coleraine, she has cemented her reputation not just as a registered nurse and health visitor, but as a passionate midwife registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council. Barbara’s commitment goes beyond traditional care; she deeply values complementary therapies and has continually expanded her skill set to offer women alternative solutions for managing common pregnancy challenges.

A Fusion of Traditional and Complementary Approaches

At the heart of Caring Hands Midwife is a unique blend of traditional midwifery and evidence-based holistic treatments. Recognising the transformative power of therapies like massage and reflexology, Barbara seamlessly integrates them with her midwifery expertise. This combination ensures that every expectant mother receives the best of both worlds, benefiting from personalised attention, where concerns are addressed in a serene and private environment, ensuring a positive journey from pregnancy to postnatal care.

Acclaimed Training and Recognitions

Barbara’s commitment to enhancing her services is evident in her continuous pursuit of knowledge. Completing her Diploma in Midwifery Complementary Therapies through Dr. Denise Tiran’s renowned Expectancy programme in London, she stood out, clinching the runner-up position for “Best Student of the Year” in 2022. And her journey doesn’t stop there; she’s currently venturing into the realm of Midwifery Acupuncture, ready to bring even more comprehensive services to expectant mothers by early 2023. Fully insured and recognised by reputable bodies, Barbara is a trusted name in maternity care.

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